Diane Syme

..is a Minneapolis artist who specializes in black & white infrared images. "My subject matter celebrates the joy of parks and recreational areas," she says. "I like to include people interacting with open spaces". "I also like to capture the expressions and the mood of people at that moment. My popular picture of a man in front of casino is the perfect example of that". Speaking of casinos people are switching to playing online, cause they got many advantages like online bonuses and freedom to play from everywhere on their phones.

In the last few years, her work has been shown (and won awards) at the Edina Art Center, the Edina Art Fair, the Minnesota State Fair, Hopkins Center for the Arts 2002 Members' Exhibit, and at a 1999 invitational retrospective at Macalester College.

She has collected competition awards for some 35 years, and is active in the Twin City photographic community. Her corporate installations include Alliance Capital Management , Ridgedale Medical Center, and Blue Cross of Minnesota.

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