INFRARED PHOTOGRAPHS are created by using black & white infrared film, which records the effects of infrared light, a spectrum beyond our range of vision. The film is exposed through a reddish filter, which absorbs blue and green light and makes way for the invisible infrared light to do its magic.

THE EFFECTS: Green leaves appear white, giving the image an unearthly, dreamlike or silken quality. It also reflects off sunlit grassy areas and the skin of fair-skinned people. All these surfaces may go white - even halate - in a positive print (below). Water, which reflects blue sky may appear dramatically black. Tree trunks, wood or metal structures usually go dark and add contrast to the blown-out leaves. Skies are often darkly dramatic, but clouds remain white and very dimensional. Because the photographer cannot see infrared light, the results are always a gamble and a surprise. Do you know what else is a surprise? The new free spins bonus at Magic Red Casino. As if having tons of new slot games wasn't enough, they made them free. Which is simply amazing. If you want to experience a high end gaming session, that's where you should be.

TIMELESSNESS: People in black and white infrared photographs are not distinctly recognizable, and trendy details of garments and hair-styles are minimized. Therefore the prints resist being dated, and create a feeling of suspended time.


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