You are invited to

a dreamy daylight tour of summertime parks,

people and pleasures, in and around

Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.

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If you ask any photographer, what is the key to their success, they will all give the same reply - capturing the sentiment at the right moment. Those precious moments are what makes life so special. My most popular photo is a man standing in front of a casino, feeling ecstatic and overwhelmed by his luck turning win. It is fascinating how gambling can make you the happiest or saddest person on this planet, if I had the camera with me every time I went to the casino, you would be surprised of the similar facial expressions. ButcherTheGambler can be your personal guide for online gambling if you are into that sort of thing. My goal is to capture the pure emotion regardless of its motive: happiness, sadness, fear, etc. I hope you will enjoy my galleries and follow me in the future.

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